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About Us


Happy Hands Montessori Nursery was founded by Mrs. Shehama
Russell, who has over 10 years’ experience in caring and educating
young children, having worked in Montessori Nurseries throughout.


  • We want children to feel safe, happy, nurtured; excited about learning and confident within themselves and make every effort in providing a stimulating environment.
  • We provide a diverse curriculum based on the Montessori Method and the six areas or the National Curriculum, a programme of learning as approved by the governing bodies, designed for children from 2-5 years old. As part of our program we encourage children to learn about different cultures, celebrate global festivals, taste different foods and share different traditions from around the world.
  • We encourage parents and staff at all times to ensure the best possible environment for the children. Regular invitations are given to the parents to observe their children during performances, events and special occasions.
  • We are strong believers that children deserve to eat fresh, natural and homemade food and therefore thrive. We do this by providing two servings of fresh organic fruit during the day. We do ask parents to take great care in preparing pre-packed lunches for their children.
  • After lunch the children have a quiet sleep period. Children are settled down to sleep in a calm, warm and caring way, with staff members constantly supervising the sleeping children.
  • We promote every child to play in the fresh air and consent to children using the garden as often as they please, of course, always under supervision. We are very proud of our garden, which allows the chance for playtime, water play, sand play, gardening, planting vegetables, herbs and flowers; and children taking time to tend and water the plant life.
  • We are very proud and lucky to have such an excellent team in the Nursery. All staff are employed by virtue of their nurturing approach to the children as well as their professionalism, experience and qualifications. All staff also undergoes CRB checks and holds Paediatric First Aid certificates in compliance with OFSTED recommendations.
  • We cover a wide range of activities with the children to expand the child’s social, emotional, language, literacy, creative and physical developments. These activities help children gain confidence, independence and enjoyment. Some of the activities are as follows:


Play activities include:

  • climbing frames
  • painting
  • drawing
  • gluing
  • folding
  • tidying
  • puzzles
  • construction

Group activities include:

  • story-telling
  • memory games
  • singing & dancing
  • making music
  • reading
  • role play
  • sharing books in the Book Corner
  • imaginative interaction in the Home Corner
  • sensorial activities
  • finding their own materials and learning to always put them back correctly
  • appreciation of plants, animals and the world around them



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