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Beep Beep! Day

24th April 2024, we took part in ‘Beep Beep! Day’. This day is organised by the Brake charity, keeping children safe on our roads. Beep Beep! Day is a road safety day run by schools, nurseries, playgroups or childminders to teach important road safety basics to very young children (aged 2–7).

It’s also a great opportunity to talk to parents and carers about how they can help keep young children safe around roads.

These days are so important for children to participate in so that they become more aware of keeping safe in their environment.

The children learned that when they are walking near roads, they need to hold a grown ups hand and how to cross a road safely, in particular, using safe places to cross roads. Some children went to learn how to cross at zebra crossings, other children went to learn how to cross at traffic lights. They learned that they need to Stop, Look, Listen and Think. Parents joined us on this occasion to support children’s learning and participate in the activity.

Another great experience for both the children and their parents who are loving the parent partnership activities that we are doing with them. We also had a Lollipop Man visit the nursery on 3rd May to talk to the children about what he does and how to cross the roads safely. He demonstrated this and encouraged the children to pretend to be lollipop people and help each other cross roads.

Road Safety for Kids
Road Safety for Kids
Road Safety for Kids
Road Safety for Kids

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