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Gardening & Planting Seeds

The children recently embarked on a gardening project, planting seeds and learning to care for them. This hands-on activity introduced them to the wonders of nature and the responsibilities of nurturing life.

Using small gardening tools, the children planted various seeds, eagerly anticipating the growth of their plants. Daily watering routines taught them the importance of consistent care and the role of sunlight in the growth process. As they watched their seedlings sprout and grow, they gained an understanding of growth and the natural life cycle, including the reality of decay when some plants didn’t thrive.

This project emphasized environmental stewardship. The children learned sustainable practices like composting and the use of water, fostering a deep connection with nature. Through gardening, they developed a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment, learning valuable lessons about caring for the world around them.

Gardening and planting seeds
Gardening and planting seeds
Gardening and planting seeds

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