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Brondesbury Park Spring Newsletter – January 2016

Dear Parents/carers,



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a memorable celebration to welcome 2016. Hopefully it was a restful and enjoyable time spent with the children.

Autumn Term 2015 events

image2On behalf of the Happy Hands team I would like to thank all the parents for participating in getting the children involved in the Sponsored Fancy Dress Day for the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.  We have raised an amazing £320.00 collectively!!! Well done to all involved.

image3A big thank you also for attending the children’s Christmas Concert and for the food/drinks contribution.  Thank you also for the generous gifts you have given.  The children performed really well on the day and judging from the feedback it was a great success!  An enjoyable day over all.








  • Yoga                     – £5.25/session  (Tuesday mornings)
  • Dance                   – £5.25/session  (Thursday mornings)
  • Meals                    – £3.70/day

If you are interested in any of the above for your child please let me know.

If any parents from the afternoon sessions are interested in Yoga or Dance please let me know.



Monday 4th Jan 2016 – Thursday 24th Mar 2016



  • Chinese New Year       08/02/2016
  • Pancake Day               09/02/2016
  • Valentine’s Day           14/02/2016
  • Mother’s Day             06/03/2016
  • Good Friday                 25/03/2016
  • Easter Monday            28/03/2016



  • Mother’s Day Coffee morning 10:00am on 07/03/2016 (Monday)
  • Parents/key persons consultation week beginning 14/03/2016 (Monday)
  • Easter egg hunt (children only)
    • 10:00am on 21/03/2016 (Monday)
    • 2:00pm on 21/03/2016 (Monday)
  • Last day of term 01:00pm on 24/03/2016 (Thursday)
  • First day of Summer Term 2016 on 11/04/2016 (Monday)


Aspects of Creative Development

Creative Development is made up of the following aspects:

image9Being Creative – Responding to Experiences, Expressing and Communicating Ideas – is about how children respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch or feel and how, as a result of these encounters, they express and communicate their own ideas, thoughts and feelings.

image10Exploring Media and Materials – is about children’s independent and guided exploration of and engagement with a widening range of media and materials, finding out about, thinking about and working with colour, texture, shape, space and form in two and three dimensions.

image11Creating Music and Dance – is about children’s independent and guided explorations of sound, movement and music. Focusing on how sounds can be made and changed and how sounds can be recognised and repeated from a pattern, it includes ways of exploring movement, matching movements to music and singing simple songs from memory.image12

Developing Imagination and Imaginative Play – is about how children are supported to develop and build their imaginations through stories, role-plays, imaginative play, dance, music, design, and art.








What Creative Development means for children

  • image14Creativity is about taking risks and making connections and is strongly linked to play.
  • Creativity emerges as children become absorbed in action and explorations of their own ideas, expressing them through movement, making and transforming things using media and materials such as crayons, paints, scissors, words, sounds, movement, props and make-believe.
  • image15Creativity involves children in initiating their own learning and making choices and decisions.
  • Children’s responses to what they see, hear and experience through their senses are individual and the way they represent their experiences is unique and valuable.
  • Being creative enables children to explore many processes, media and materials and to make new things emerge as a result.



You have been informed as per email, about Ms Manisha leaving Happy Hands after 4 years of employment here in pursuit of a slightly different career path with the Royal Air Force museum.  Her last day with Happy Hands will be next Friday 22nd Jan 2016. We would like to wish her all the very best for the future.

Ms Parita will be taking over Ms Manisha’s role as Deputy Manager and her key children. Ms Parita is a very conscientious Early Years practitioner and an experienced Deputy Manager.

image16Ms Parita Mishra (Deputy Manager)
Happy Hands Montessori Nursery
(Experienced deputyship)
Diploma in Childcare Level 3
(6 years childcare experience)

  • 1st Aid
  • Safeguarding children


Please feel free to get acquainted with Ms Parita.  As she will be taking over Ms Manisha’s key children please liaise with her regarding your children.


Library Books

Library books are available to be borrowed.  It is very important for children to be encouraged to enjoy story books. Please request for books to be borrowed from staff. Please fill in the comments sheet and return it with the book as the feedback is important.


Kind regards,



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