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Learning about the potato

In this lesson our preschoolers are taught that we can make so many different things with a simple potato and that there are many different varieties of potatoes.

The children learned that potatoes grow in the ground and were able to tell us what a potato would need in order to grow.

They were shown the difference between a white potato, red potato and a sweet potato. They roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes and use a special cutter to create chips.

They also learned that the crisps that they love to eat are made out of potato!

The children needed to use both gross and fine motor skills, they tasted new varieties of potatoes and how they were cooked, they waited their turn to use the equipment, they learned new words, commented and asked questions about what they were doing and learning.

Preschool child learning about the potato
Preschool child learning about the potato

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