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Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is a method of educating children, based on the research and developments of Italian educator Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952). She dedicated her life to studying child development and spent a greater part of her life writing, lecturing and teaching about these practices.

The Montessori Method believes that a teacher’s role is merely one to aid and support the child’s exploration and creativity, while the child learns from their environment and other children; at their own pace. This method has shown to help foster independence, confidence, a sense of pride in their achievements and positive self-esteem from an early age.

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National Curriculum

These six areas outline the goals that children in the UK following the curriculum are encouraged to achieve by the age of five.

Practical Life / Personal / Social / Emotional Development

Practical life lessons involve children carrying out exercises such as polishing, transferring, pouring and threading. Through these simple tasks children learn to concentrate, self-motivate, be confidant and become independent.


Sensorial / Physical 
Sensorial lessons take the children through tasks about textures, smells, weight, sounds, comparisons and sequencing. These tasks help children develop awareness, sensitivity and observation and prepare s them for the theories of Mathematics.


Practical life and sensorial methods introduce the basics of mathematics into the child’s learning, therefore, here they learn to count, combine, share, compare and really learn to understand mathematical concepts.


Language and Literacy
These lessons introduce phonetic sounds of the alphabet to lead the child towards writing reading, developing their vocabulary and self-expression.


Cultural / Understanding of the World
Books and role play are used for children to learn new and different cultures. We also educate the child on history, geography, biology, science, cookery and animal care; along with the celebrations of global festivals, help the child understand and appreciate all diversities.


Creative / Expressive Art and Design
Children will be encouraged throughout their journey within the Montessori to participate in creative activities. Here lessons are packed with Arts and crafts, role-play, music and dance activities.

Typical Daily Routine for Children:

8.00 am Free Play
8.40 am Tidy Up
9.00 am Breakfast Time
9.30 am Circle Time
10.00 am Montessori activities incorporating arts & crafts & role play
12.00 pm Tidy Up
12.15 pm Story Time / Home Time
12.30 pm Lunch
13.15 pm Garden Time / Sleep Time
14.00 pm Montessori activities incorporating arts & crafts & role play
16.30 pm Tidy Up
16.45 pm Snack
17.15 pm Garden Time
18.00 pm Close

Extra Curricular Activities

Dance with miss Alessandra Jansen Gallager (Oi Brazil)


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