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Nursery Education Grant

In the UK, every child between the ages of 3 and 4 is entitled to 15 hours of free education per week under the Nursery Education Grant (NEG) scheme.

How do I apply for NEG 15 funding?

To take advantage of the NEG 15 funding, parents need to apply through the local authority. If the application is successful they will receive an EY voucher.

Can I get 30 hours of funding?

To qualify for 30-hours of funding per week for 3 & 4-year-olds, both parents need to be working. They need to apply for funding through the HMRC portal and obtain a code. Only once they receive a code will they be entitled to the 30 hours of free education.

Can you help me to apply?

For assistance in applying for NEG funding, email info@happyhandsmontessorinursery.co.uk.

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