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Montessori Principles

The Montessori Principles we use include, amongst others, Movement, Interest, Choice, Context, Peers and Order.


As our brains to develop, MOVEMENT and cognition are closely linked.  Children learn from being able to move. Education is therefore enhanced through movement.

Research also shows that there is an improvement in memory when movement is involved at the moment when something is learned.

Montessori principles include movement


Montessori Principles

Montessori education is designed to help children discover what INTERESTS them most and to give them the freedom to learn about those things in-depth.

Teachers note students’ interests and facilitate projects and research to allow further study. 

Montessori principles of interest


CHOICE allows children to discover what their needs, interests and abilities are, and encourages them to engage in their own education, thereby discovering the outcome of an activity.


Peer Learning

PEER LEARNING is fundamental in the Montessori method. Younger children are able to learn from their older peers, and in return older peers are encouraged to help younger classmates.

It’s all part of the process of learning to help and learning from the example that others set.



Contextual learning is often easier to grasp and a more engaging experience for youngsters.

When one can apply something one has learned it is often easier to remember because it makes more sense.

Therefore learning in CONTEXT is one of the core techniques of the Montessori Method.



Maria Montessori noticed that a child’s need for ORDER was greatest between the ages of one and four.

The Montessori method understands this internal need for order, and so our school provides children with an orderly environment in which they can rest assured that everything will be in its place.

This helps children feel safe and secure so that they can take in the lessons and learn without feeling anxious about their surroundings.

Montessori principles of order

Which Montesorri Principles?

The Montessori Principles we use include, amongst others, Movement, Interest, Choice, Context, Peers and Order.

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