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Term Topics

The activities that the children have participated in, or will partake in during the term…

The Farm

  • Making animal models for the farm
  • Sticking and making farm vegetables using a range of materials
  • Reading various books: Little Red Hen, Dora’s Chicks, Duck in the truck, Cow takes a bow and many more
  • Completing farm animal puzzles
  • Farm animal chase using farm animal masks
  • Baking Bread
  • Matching farm animals with their young ones.
  • Exploring playdough with farm animal cutters
  • Creating animal footprints
  • Creating a mini-farm on a builders tray
  • Farm animal hunt
  • Making sandwiches using vegetables from the farm
  • Baking farm animal biscuits
  • Creating a farm animal
life on the farm

Chinese New Year– Year of the ox

  • Creating and decorating fans
  • Making spin rattle drum
  • Creating an ox using different shapes
  • Making money envelopes
  • Reading a Chinese New Year story
Topics - folding paper Chinese year ox

Valentines Day

  • Exploring red play dough using heart cutters and creating different shapes
  • Wooden spoon decorating
  • Hand and fingerprinting a Valentine’s tree
valentines day

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