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Located in a residential street in Willesden London, NW10, Happy Hands Montessori Nursery is an ideal day care for children aged between 2 and 5 years old. Our aim is to provide a carefully prepared program of education, in a happy, relaxed and caring environment where your child can grow and learn through a positive, creative and progressive experience.

Our nurseries adopt the world renowned Montessori teaching method which is highly commended by many influential education bodies globally and here in the UK.

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Read more about the Montessori method as well as the 6 areas of the national curriculum we provide.

In the classroom our approach creates a safe, inspiring setting, encouraging each child to develop at their own pace and feel excited about learning. All Happy Hands Montessori Nursery children wear colourful school sweatshirts for winter and bright t-shirts for summer.

Using the recommendations of OFSTED, Happy Hands Montessori Nursery in Willesden provides you with all you need to bring out the best in your child’s early years of learning needs, talents, creativity and individuality.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries regarding the Happy Hands Montessori Nursery, or to arrange a visit and see how happy your child could be with us.

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Practical Life

Practical life lessons involve Children carrying out exercises such as polishing, transferring, pouring and threading. Through these simple tasks children learn to concentrate, self-motivate, be confidant and become independent.


Practical life and sensorial methods introduce the basics of mathematics into the child’s learning, therefore, here they learn to count, combine, share, compare and really learn to understand mathematical concepts.


Books and role play are used for children to learn different cultures. We educate the child on history, geography, biology, science, cookery, animal care and the celebrations of global festivals, helping the child understand and appreciate all diversities.


Sensorial lessons take the children through tasks about textures, smells, weight, sounds, comparisons and sequencing. These tasks help children develop awareness, sensitivity and observation and prepare s them for the theories of Mathematics.



Children will be encouraged throughout their journey within the Montessori to participate in creative activities. Here lessons are packed with Arts and crafts, role-play, music and dance activities.

Language & Literacy

These lessons introduce phonetic sounds of the alphabet to lead the child towards writing reading, developing their vocabulary and self-expression.


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